Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dare to Dream...

So for years my husband Rod and I have been dreaming of a second home, a cottage, a beach house, a ski lodge, a place by the lake. Recently our focus has turned towards a four season house that we can enjoy year round. Our children have become avid skiers and snowboarders and we enjoy spending our winter days on the slopes together. Fall and Spring are two of our favorite seasons in New England where we can hike and explore and enjoy the changing colors of the landscape around us. Summer is a time to spend days with family and friends playing and enjoying the sun, water, and unscheduled relaxation that the season bring.

We've been tucking away extra wine glasses, artwork, curtains, and bedding in the attic saying that we are keeping them for a second home "someday". We've been looking at beachhouses when we visit the beach, at lake cottages in summer and at ski chalets in winter. Until finally we decided we wanted the best of both worlds. We wanted a place where we could be on the water to enjoy our

morning cup of coffee, a place where we could enjoy our springs, summers and falls on the water kayaking and canoeing. A place where our girls could swim and our dogs (and friends' and family's dogs) could chase tennis balls. A place where we could enjoy winters cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. And a place where we could drive a relatively short distance to a downhill ski area.

And then we found it. A perfect spot.  Hand-lettered signs lead your way down dirt roads, past rock cairns and twisting turns.  A renovated 1940's cottage that still feels like a cottage.  Small rooms but 4 of them. Perfect for guests, and family and friends. Shingles, a porch full of windows overlooking the lake, and a purple door. What's the significance of a purple door? All of our houses have had one. As we were driving to see the cottage for the first time I turned to my husband and said "If it has a purple door, it's a sign." We turned the corner only to find a dark purple garage door, front door and shutters. None which were noticeable in the pictures we'd seen online.

Cottage Door
Our Current Home 

Our First Home

We trudged through the snow and down the un-shoveled steps to the front door.  The real estate agents couldn't manage to get the key to open the door. They each tried for a while and were about to give up.  They started apologizing while asking us just how far we'd come. After driving two and a half hours we weren't about to turn around without seeing the inside. I asked to try and said maybe it just needs a woman's touch.  I also told them not to let my husband try the key as he would surely break it off in the lock.  After about five minutes of patient jiggling the key finally turned and the purple door opened. The agents were embarrassed to say the least but we were just glad to get inside.

We fell in love at first sight.  The old fieldstone fireplace, hardwood floors, original leaded glass windows between the kitchen and living room and front porch and the slanted ceilings. In many places you have to duck your head to get through doorways (or at least my husband does) and to go upstairs. Thus the name of the cottage, DuckHead.

On the drive home we immediately started planning where friends and family would sleep when they came to visit. The cottage is already rented out for most of this summer by the previous owners but we can't wait to share DuckHead with our children, dogs, and friends and family in the months and years to come!!

So I have been tucking away these blogs for a few months until today-CLOSING DAY!  My husband thought it might be bad luck to start posting about a house we didn't own yet.  He's probably right.  Nothing like jinxing ourselves. So I've waited.  And by waited I mean I have written 14 posts just in preparation of getting the house.  We have three girls, K, L and H that have each written a post too.  Rod wrote one as well.  This is a family blog but so far I'm the most prolific writer.  Hopefully they will each take a turn here and there.  Our yellow lab, Sadie, and our black lab, Nola will most likely be included in a post or two! We'll be rolling out the posts so as not to overwhelm you with 17 all at once!  They might come quicker at first so that we can catch up to real time.  Then I'm sure they'll slow down for the 6 weeks the cottage is rented and we can't be there.  

Today Rod is heading up with moving truck to do the walk through.  He said it's very clean (YEAH!) but the dock isn't in yet (BOO!)  He is heading in RIGHT NOW to the closing to sign papers.  When he is done I get the go ahead to post this blog.  (Thanks Kirsten for the inspiration friend!)  I'm at home getting our ducks in order and waiting till the kids are home to load up the car with the dogs and the girls and the groceries.  We're letting them skip school tomorrow!  Can't wait to share this adventure with you!  Ducking out- ;) Kari

P.S.  For family & friends we are trying to keep the location of said cottage and hometown along with girls' names on the down low for privacy reasons!  Thanks in advance for keeping that in mind when commenting!  


  1. Awesome! Can't wait to keep up with the blog.

  2. Love this! Looking forward to keeping in touch with all your new home pleasures and adventures!