Sunday, July 6, 2014

Family First....

After closing on DuckHead cottage we had the girls skip school that Friday and spent the weekend making the cottage ours.  Sunday was Father's Day and while my dad was spending his day selling lobster rolls in Hingham (last year, he promised!) we were hanging at the lake.  My brother and his family were coming to spend the day with us and we begged them to come early so we could just relax already!  We spent the morning finishing up some projects and they arrived around lunch time.  Our nephews were in their life jackets immediately and in the water with their cousins.  My sister in law KT said the cottage is so much cuter in person than in the pictures.  Well that's good, at least it's not the other way around!  My brother Chris was poking around saying he was just going to relax and not do any projects but his Mr. Fix It personality couldn't keep him still.  By the end of the day he had a plan for the perfect hammock spot and was already problem solving the crawlspace heating issues in winter.

We went for a long boat ride around the whole lake.  Had a bbq dinner and hung out till bedtime.  They were staying at the house for the following week while our girls finished up their school week.  It was hard to leave when we wanted to just stay and share the lake with them.  It was great to know our family was going to get to enjoy the lake while we couldn't.

It was fun to see my sister-in-laws Facebook posts the next week (at least until the internet changed over and she lost all contact with the world for a few days!)  So glad they got to enjoy it first.  When we were there we had long "to do" lists but they were there for vacation.  We were happy to have family there to tell us what the cottage needed before our summer renters came.   They relaxed and chilled and did a little work.   I think they started falling in love with lake living and DuckHead while they were there...

Chris relaxing in the hammock he worked so hard to put up.  
We won't show the photo of the bruise KT got being the first to test it out. 

KT was busy working too at night when the boys were asleep.

Not everyone believes us when we say we want the cottage full when we can't be there.  But we do. She's like our 4th baby right now.  We can't imagine her alone.  She is meant to be full of people making memories and learning how to take time to enjoy the view and relax!

And hopefully my brother and sister-in-law
will be enjoying their margaritas in these next time!  

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