Monday, August 11, 2014

Cottage Gifts

Have you heard about the 5 love languages?  When I read about them they made so much sense.  They have studied people all over the world and basically found that everywhere they looked people expressed and felt loved in 5 different love languages.  Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time and Physical Touch.  All adults and children express and receive love in these 5 languages.  Oftentimes people express love in the way they feel loved the most.   For me one of the ways I express love is by giving gifts.  This is one of my love languages for sure.  Gifts to me don't have to cost a lot of money or even cost anything at all.  The most important thing is that they are thoughtful.   I love homemade gifts.  Gifts of time and love and consideration.  Who knew our cottage would love getting gifts as much as me?  New, used, small, big, homemade, time...these gifts just add to our cozy cottage and the love that we feel when we are there.  

My dad & Penny picked out these chairs before we even owned DuckHead!

These animal pool floaties are the perfect way to relax in the lake! A great friend gave them to us for the kids.
Who knew the adults would love them so much?
And the grown ups also enjoyed the Beach House champagne  that came with them.  

Another friend had this canoe in her backyard and needed it gone before she moved.
What a wonderful gift of time spent together with family and friends.    

This hammock was a hand me down from a friend who didn't have a spot for it at her own cottage.
My brother's gift of time to get her set up and my sister in law's bruise to see if it was "set".
Lots of snuggling, books to be read and naps to be taken in this cozy spot.  

My Mom and Mark got us a LARGE bottle of tequila.
Many margaritas to be made to toast and cheer a day at the lake.
My step mom fills flower pots for all her daughters and daughter in laws for Mother's Day each year.
A nice tradition.  And the cottage and all our guests benefitted this year.  

We have gotten a few gifts for the cottage ourselves.
Can't resist a good quote on a coaster. 

Friends gave the girls goggles and snorkels to use at the lake.
They have provided hours and hours of entertainment in pools this summer too!
Even more fun when used with the underwater life proof case for the iPhone...

Another friend was so excited about our cottage and an opportunity to get me something cute.
She picked these awesome salad tongs and a turquoise and yellow dish towel
without even knowing how our kitchen was decorated.  Perfect!

Family friends gave us the perfect wall decoration for our cottage kitchen.  Looks like it was made for the cottage.
Great for  pens or the flowers that we pick around the lake and in our backyard.  

We found this quilt when we moved in.  I thought it was store bought but my step mom who is a quilter believed it was homemade.  Sure enough we read in the previous owners guest book that a renter had made this quilt after her stay at DuckHead.  She was inspired by the colors of the cottage and her stay at DuckHead.  The previous owners gifted it to us.
It's a perfect fit! 

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