Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring is around the corner...

Even though it doesn't feel like it these days!   Sometimes in New England with our warm weather in February and our snowstorms in March it is hard to remember that spring is around the corner   As much as I love winter I also adore spring.  It is my birthday season after all.  But what I love most about it is the rebirth we get to witness around us as the trees and bushes wake up after a long winter.  The bulbs push through the recently frozen ground and color once again erupts around us!

The chickadees have returned which is a sure sign that spring is almost here.  Last week they were darting from bush to bush in my backyard with snow falling from the sky and today they are hiding somewhere from the heavy rain.  I'm looking forward to watching as the outside gardens begin bursting to life again.  Until then I will try to find the first store that carries pansies.   As soon as I find them I put them in my pots on my front steps since they don't mind the chillier temperatures.    I am always ready for pansies before the stores are carrying them.

As I move away from winter and towards spring I find myself needing plants and greens around me.  I crave spring colors and signs of spring in my home like pulling out a green blanket and buying new green pillows for the living room.  I've found myself purchasing small cheery plants and flowers in the grocery store.  I've been spreading my new purchases throughout our house so that signs of life are in every room.   Bouquets of flowers are always welcome too but they depress me a little when they start to die so I prefer living plants that I can keep alive from year to year.  Next time you're at the store remember to buy yourself a little reminder that Spring is around the corner... we all deserve it!

Tulips are the surest sign that spring is almost here. We got
this tulip vase for our wedding and use it year after year.  
The majority of my plants are in our kitchen windowseat window year round.  
A spider plant grandchild from the original plant from my mom.  
This jade is so happy in our windowseat plant ledge.  It came
from Rod's mom's condo and is now outgrowing this space.  
I almost always have something living near the kitchen sink on the island.
I loved this concrete stamped planter for only $12 from Anthropologie where I usually
go to ooh and aah but don't buy anything because it's too expensive!  

Haley picked out these beauties grocery shopping with her dad
at Trader Joe's, by far the best place to get cut flowers.  
This little plant I've had in my windowsill for years but  I decided the purple and
green color belonged in my living room.  It transferred just fine to it's new location.  
Love the color and big shiny leaves of this tiny grocery store plant.   Another living room
keeper so I can enjoy it when watching tv at night.
Rod's parent's lemon or lime tree (not sure which one is
still alive) is once again covered in blooms in our dining room.  

My orchid is once again bursting into life.  I have moved
it to the kitchen counter for now so I can enjoy it while it blooms.  

Love the purple flowers on this African Violet.  
I bought this cyclamen around valentine's day
because the flowers looked like hearts.  

A Spring wine glass helps makes the transition to Spring easier as well! I now
have a seasonal wine glass for every season but summer.

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