Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hoppy Easter to my Peeps!

I enjoy decorating and getting ready for holidays but truth be told I enjoy it more with the kids around.   They are busier and busier these days as are all tweens and teens and we haven't found time to decorate until today.   And we are hosting.  

It's been a busy week and somehow all my to-do's got piled up into yesterday and today!  All good things but busy just the same.  This week our town Neighbor Brigade collected items for the food pantry and people delivered breads, chocolate bunnies and paper goods to my house so I loaded them up and brought them over!  Our town is so generous anytime we ask for help with anything!  I love coordinating and participating in drives like this around the holidays.  So important to give back and to teach my girls to do the same!!

I got my license today, nothing like leaving it till the last minute as my birthday is tomorrow! While there I confirmed something that I already know about myself.    I truly am an extroverted introvert.   I left for the registry with sopping wet hair and was annoyed I'd be arriving there during the lunch hour rush.  I quickly got in line and filled out my paperwork figuring I'd have a long wait after for my number to be called.  I met a grandpa in line whose birthday was today and he and I were joking and laughing and wishing each other a Happy Birthday.   I was heading straight and hadn't even looked at my number when they announced a number.   I looked to see how long a wait I was going to have and realized they had just called my number.   So much for applying lip gloss and running my fingers through my hair so it didn't look wet.   The first picture she took I looked like I was rolling my eyes at the woman because I moved before it flashed.  She and I were laughing and chatting away.  It was quicker than I could have hoped and then I was done.   On the way to the bathroom after I saw someone who I recognized from town  Didn't even say hello or act like I knew them.   Cringe.   I can be so friendly with people I don't know and never have to see again but god forbid I have to make small talk with someone I sort of know.   Something to work on in my 46th year.  Or to just accept about myself.   I'll have to decide.  

After school I decided it was about time we got in the Easter spirit around here!  Tomorrow is my birthday and Saturday is clean the yard and house and bake and cook day so today was the day.   I convinced my youngest daughter to help since her sisters were off with friends and took her to Starbucks for an afternoon pick me up.     She tried the "Cadbury Cream Egg Frappuccino" that she had read about and had to look up the recipe on line for them to make it for her.   A little sweet she said but she liked it!

Haley helped me collect the Easter decorations from the attic and bring them down and then decorate the egg tree and the house.  It's finally looking like Spring outside with the forsythia and daffodils and hyacinths in bloom and now the inside of our house feels ready for Easter too!  

Simple and easy and such a fun Easter statement.  Branches from outside
with a few plastic eggs with ribbons to hang them.  
Chalk board and bunnies Haley made.  
My favorite Easter bunny picture.  I think we stopped going after this year! Haley was NOT happy!
Some wooden eggs, chicks and a wooden bunny add to the holiday spirit. 
More chalk art by Haley and I and a garland the girls made last year.  
All my chicks come in 3's.  
With a birthday so close to Easter I always got bunnies for my birthday.
This glass one is from my childhood.

Saturday we'll be baking and spreading more flowers around the house and the patio to make it feel even more like spring.  It was a long winter this year even for me!  Try this recipe by Haley for some homemade chocolate and peanut butter deliciousness.   (We can't make them too far in advance or they'll all be gone by the time our guests arrive!)

I've been busy helping Kate with her campaign "#IBelieveinyourStory" to make people aware of the number of individuals with IBS and SIBO during IBS Awareness Month, to give people a chance to share their stories and to raise money for IBS, SIBO and FODMAPS research.   To learn more about the campaign head to Kate's site.  IBS and SIBO are very isolating diseases and this campaign is giving people a voice and an understanding that they are not alone!      This is something I feel passionately about as I was misdiagnosed for years by my doctor until Kate finally suggested I get tested for SIBO.   One of the goals of the campaign is to post inspirational quotes on Instagram.  Below are some of the quotes I have posted.  On a daily basis I meet someone that is "intolerant" to certain foods or suffering with belly issues.   Gut health is so important to our daily satisfaction in life.    Let's hope they come up with a cure soon!


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