Monday, June 5, 2017

The year of cozy....

Our Christmas card last year wished everyone a cozy holiday season.   That craving for cozy seems to have followed us into this year!  In January I started reading articles and blogs that mentioned the term hygge:  a Danish term defined as "a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being."  I realized I wasn't the only one craving cozy.    For my birthday in April my friends gave me a "hygge" birthday themed gift complete with a cozy blanket, a mug, a box of tea, a new candle and a wish for a hygge year ahead.   They said they got me a blanket because with a spring birthday I probably don't get blankets as gifts very often.   I month later I texted them and jokingly blamed them all for the lousy weather that has made me need that blanket every night since!!    I still enjoy cozy but am certainly craving some sunshine and warm (or even hot) days outside where I don't need to curl under a blanket every night!

Duck Head cottage is already quite cozy.  A 1940's cottage it has small rooms, cozy fireplaces, small beds, and little spaces.  This winter/spring we've made a few changes that made it even cozier, if that's even possible.  We opted to get a small sectional for our living room so we can all cozy up together as a family when we watch movies.   We only have one more year with Kelsey home before college and we want to fit in as many movie nights all squished on one couch as we can before she goes!  Sniff sniff!

It fits in perfectly albeit a little squished between a heater we don't use on the wall and the kitchen doorway.   We are planning to remove the heater to make a bit more space for it to make the room feel a little less squished.  But it fits us all and is quite cozy.  I got a striped turkish blanket too which feels a bit more summery for cuddling.  

We decided to keep the leather couch we already had in the living room and put it in the front entry room adjacent to the dining room table.  We had a more casual futon there and while it provided more sleeping area I didn't always love the look.   Our nephews often have snacks in this space so the leather couch is more durable.   It's also the perfect spot for morning coffee with views of the lake in this cozy corner nook.   I call it my coffee couch because it's where I usually choose to sit when I wake up earlier than everyone else and come downstairs to have coffee and enjoy the stillness of the lake.  

This area is off the front hallway as you enter Duck Head.  There are hooks everywhere in the hallway for bags, coats, ski stuff, etc.  It's the perfect mudroom/entryway for the cottage especially for multiple families sharing the space.  It gives us storage space to tuck things out of the way so we can enjoy the main living areas.  

This is where we live when we are the lake.   With two sitting areas, a large farmer's table and the propane stove we spend the majority of our time when we are inside the cottage in this room with views of the lake.

The lake is like a mirror most mornings.  So still that it reflects the opposite shore and Gove Hill perfectly! 
We spent the weekend celebrating these two.  150 years of combined living.   My dad turned 80 yesterday and my step-mom turned 70!   We celebrated with all 5 of their kids, their spouses and their 13 grandchildren.   My brother and sister-in-law's cottage was filled with 3 families -13 people and 2 dogs.   We had 12 and two dogs at Duck Head.   It was such a fun weekend with 25 of their family members all together for the weekend to celebrate them.  Their smiles said it all.  They were just so happy to be surrounded by all their kids and grandkids for their joint celebration.   You'd think it would have been hectic but everyone chipped in and helped plan and cook different meals and helped with clean up.  Rod and I really felt like we were on vacation too because we were in charge of one meal for the entire group and after that we were able to relax and enjoy our company the rest of the weekend.  What a treat to be able to relax while hosting!

This delicious cake was dairy and gluten free and I had a HUGE slice!  

We also enjoyed homemade ice-cream which is a bit of a tradition with my dad.   We've made it together for years and it only seemed fitting to have some to celebrate his 80th birthday.   Rod, Haley and my dad mixed up the ingredients and we all took turns cranking it on my brother and KT's dock while he made homemade pizzas for everyone.   We made vanilla and M&M ice-cream and it was delicious! Especially with that cake!

Happy 70th & 80th Grandpies & Gammie!!
This man usually is dressed for the day as soon as he gets up but I caught this chance to get a picture with both of us in our pjs on his 80th birthday morning!  Nice hair dad.  I guess we know which side you slept on ;)

Rod has apparently taken on my anal quality of organizing the fire pit area!  ;)  It looks like a smile!  
The weekend was filled with shared games.
Shared meals
Cousin time

Good conversations

Lots of outdoor time at Myles Away
Lots and lots of dock time!

A boat escorted couple of swims across the lake as well.  And lots and lots and lots of fishing!
What looks like a proposal but was actually Sam helping Lindsay put her worm on her hook. 
And even some naps
A end of weekend chat caught through the kitchen window with our youngest, our two labs and Grandpies.

A break from packing up to watch friends graduating through Skype
We left P & P at Duck Head for an extra night to enjoy the quiet (& calm) after we left!
We'll be back soon!  Looking forward to more summer days at the lake!!
Hopefully they will be a little more sunny but still just as cozy!